Have damp floors in your basement? Read this.

Your home could also be experiencing mold and a stale smell because of a moist under floor. It may well be that you just have poor drainage around your house. This results in sitting water whenever it rains.With time the water will find its thanks to your sub-floor making it moist. It could even be that there’s a pipe that’s leaking in your under floor which must be fixed by a plumber. the matter could even be because of poor ventilation.

This makes it important to contact a sub-floor ventilation professional so they can inspect your sub-floor in order to find the source of the water. They can then recommend a fix for the problem

What Does A Ventilation Expert Do?

When you contact a ventilation expert, he will check your under floor and ensure that the reason for your damp under floor is poor aeration. There can be many reasons for the leakage problem. It may well be that you just live in a very home that was built a few years ago and also the ground has shifted over the years. this may cause the location of the vents to be altered which then affects ventilation.

Your under floor could even have been built with insufficient vents or vents that are too small. you will even have dole out some landscaping which ended up blocking the vents that are meant for ventilation.

Finding an answer

The contractor will come up with a plan to address the ventilation issues of your sub-floor. He can try this by calculating the air flow which is able to enable him to understand the amount of ventilation that needed and also the sort of ventilation that may be effective. you’ll either use natural or mechanical ventilation to air your under floor. the sort of house you have got, the sort of soil that it’s built on and also the atmospheric condition experienced in your locality are considered when selecting the sort of ventilation.

The expert must make sure that the vents are placed correctly in order that fresh air comes in from one direction only and also the stale air is extracted from the alternative side. so as for the ventilation to be effective, it’s going to must be regulated at one point or another. Mechanical ventilation may be used in order that the fans are changed when the air outside is humid in order that this air isn’t introduced into the under floor.

Sub-floor Design

If you’re getting to build your home, you ought to confirm that the sub floor ventilation requirements are addressed. this may make sure that your house is built on the proper foundation and you are doing not must accommodate a moist under floor in a while.

The sub floor could be a vital a part of your home because it holds your floor and also the entire home. A sub floor that’s properly designed will protect your home from movements within the soil. Soil can expand and consent response to the quantity of moisture and it also can move because of the load of your home. the proper ventilation will make sure that the structure of your home remains intact.